Available not-routed IPv4

We are a Ripe member, and we have some unused and not routed IPv4 space.

These unused ressources won't be returned to Ripe NCC because of the current policies that do not encourage usued allocations to be returned to the autority for proper (fair + justified) redistribution. However, we consider IPv4 are vital public ressources for many, that should still be regulated and not fully abandonned to the market.

Ripe NCC is driven by LIRs, mainly commercial operators, that in a vast majority don't bother with these concerns, and in the largest minority do not mind to see IPv4 ressources become a commercial product, while prices raise in a context of scarcity. Should this strangle some internet companies, well obviously they should have had a better business model! Should this kill civil society not-for-profit organisations... who cares?

Step by step, the public interest role of the Ripe NCC in fairly keeping the ressource available and ensuring fair distribution of public ressources is disappearing.

Our approach is somewhat different

We prefer to adopt a different approach with the ressources we can grab, and yes, take the worse (provide them as a commercial service to companies) to make something useful : keep some of the ressources for non-for-profit or public interest organisations at very low cost.

Thus, commercial / not-for-profit will be the major distinction here : either you have commercial power meaning that can rent the ressources from us, or you don't and we wish to help you to stay alive. Once this distinction is made, we won't mess with the net neutrality.


Available not-routed IPv4

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